Q16. “Can you collect a cat from the street?” / “Can I drop my pet with you for adoption?”

Unfortunately, we are no longer permitted by Dubai Municipality to collect and to rehome cats or other animals due to lack of appropriate trade license to do this work. We are a licensed retail pet store with permits to buy and sell animals, pet related items and offer pet related services. So at this time we can only suggest you to google or search among Facebook groups for suitable rescue/adoption organisations to help you collect a pet from the street, bring to the vet or to rehome your pet.

Personally, I suggest to try to make an effort to take the rescued animal in at least for a few days and to try to find a home for that animal in the mean time or for your own pet with help of social media, local notice board or dubizzle.com. This way you will save a life, will know firsthand who takes the animal, and you can stay in touch with new owner of your rescued animal or your own pet.