Q17. “Do you have any puppies or dogs for adoption?”

Unfortunately, we are no longer permitted by Dubai Municipality to rescue and rehome unwanted pets due to lack of appropriate trade license to do this work. We are a licensed retail pet store with permits to buy and sell animals, pet related items and offer pet related services. Therefore, we have neither puppies nor dogs for adoption at this time.

For those of you who ask if  just posted pure-breed puppy with ENCI pedigree flown in from Italy with Emirates airline is free for adoption, the answer is NO. We cannot afford to buy puppies from EU breeders at thousands of Euros, pay all the expenses in EU and then fly pets with premium airlines only to offer “free to a good home” in Dubai. And I am certain EU breeders would not support that either!

However, every now and again, we may have a puppy who overstayed with us at the store longer than expected, unsold for no apparent reason, just unlucky puppy (or kitten). In such case we prioritise good home for our animal over business, and slash the price down only to help the puppy go home sooner. The price may be as low as just a fraction of original price, just a token price. Why would we not offer that puppy free of charge? Just because that puppy deserves a home where someone can afford and is willing to provide adequate care for the puppy, instead of being taken as a free valueless toy to entertain the owner for a while prior to being kicked out as unwanted item. We are proud of the fact that our pets never end up on the streets, and so we aim to upkeep that reputation.

If you are looking for a puppy or dog to adopt, there are many organisations offering young adults and puppies, most are cross-bred and larger breeds, but they are same canine species, with same needs and potential to offer abundance of love and devotion to you and your family. Just browse through google within your area or search among Facebook groups for suitable rescue/adoption organisations or through Instagram (we also follow some of them to help promote their animals).