Q15. Does Pets Habitat buy pets in UAE?

Yes and No.

We are always looking to buy healthy, purebred puppies and kittens from ethical breeders, within UAE and outside UAE. So if you are knowledgeable, ethical breeder based in UAE, and you have a ready litter of pure, healthy puppies or kittens – please WhatsApp me directly on 050-4118085 to discuss and potentially sell us your puppies/kittens. But please be ready to answer the questions, we want to know the breeders we work with, and we will ask for details.

If you are a commercial breeder looking to sell your puppies/kittens before they can be separated from their mom, if you are hesitant for us to get your puppies/kittens checked at our vet (at our expense, of course), if you are a reseller, trader, mass-producer of animals – let’s not waste each other’s time.

We want to buy from genuine pet lovers, those people, who are passionate about their animals, who want to speak about their pets, and not from those who are hesitant to answer any questions, wanting only to discuss cash payment.