We always have pets free to a good home, mostly cats and occasionally a dog, either from our own rescue efforts, abandoned at our store or directly from many of you who no longer are able to care for your pet. Although I may be critical and opinionated towards most pet owners, who are too readily willing to rid of their previously much loved pets, I do understand that life situations change, and there are times when it is in the best interest of the pet to find him/her another family. It is never an easy process. Most people do not want older, medically dependent or otherwise troubled animal with own share of bad habits on their hands, many ask for young puppy/kitten or pedigree pets “for adoption”. The truth is every domesticated animal deserves a home, regular meals, responsibility of medical attention, caring hands and a little bit of love every now and again at the very least, whether animal is older or not as good looking as our aesthetic eyes dictate us or comes with previously ignored negative traits. It is up to us to find that humanity and compassion within ourselves, and sensibility to estimate if we are able to provide this pet permanent home, care and love for the rest of his/her natural life.

I am categorically against pet euthanasia in event of owners’ relocation or any change of life circumstances. I cannot see a reason behind someone wanting to end a life of previously loved living being (we are still talking of pets here, not human relationships ;P) in a situation where a healthy animal, blessed with a gift of life, must die solely for the convenience of human family.

Also, please note, for all pets adopted directly from our store we do take donations. This is not done for profit and it rarely covers actual expense of our rescue efforts. The primary purpose of donation is to emphasise that animals don’t come and go “free”, it is also to establish the potential future owner is willing and capable of elementary expenses and basic financial responsibility pets come with. Animals, for sale or for adoption, are not anyone toys. They come with financial obligation as well as time and love “expense”.

FELINES & CANINES free to good home