Q4. “How do I know the puppy you are selling is from ethical source?”

Don’t be afraid to ask for any proof of ethical source of your puppy. We are happy to share this information with you. We always have both parents photos (often even several), fully traceable pedigree documents, breeder details and contact numbers. We can explain who the breeder is, where he/she lives, how the dogs are kept, bred, socialised… In short, we know most of the breeders we buy from personally, and therefore, we have abundant proof that our pets come from genuine people who care for them, who follow ethical practices when breeding their animals, and who raise them within their own families.

We most often have documentation of both parents genetic health, tests completed to eliminate any chance of genetic disorder being passed on to the puppies. Usually, all our puppies hold fully traceable ENCI pedigrees, where you can track the breeder and his information, both parents and grandparents details independently.

We do not buy from individuals who we cannot verify, who we have never spoken to, whose background is ambiguous and character is uncertain.

After meeting a pet at our store, if you want more details about this particular puppy (or kitten) that our in-store team has not been able to share with you, please feel free to WhatsApp 050-4118085 or email info@petshabitat.com asking for the information you require, and we will be happy to share all details we have with you.