Q15. “How do you justify your pet grooming rates?”

Our grooming rates reflect three main factors:

>> Shortage of skilled staff in this field in this region. Pet grooming in UAE is not as evolved as in the US, Europe or even Asia. Consequently, there is severe shortage of skilled professional pet groomers, pet groomers by choice, trade and experience, who did the same line of work back in their home country and who will continue doing so upon return back home or any other country. Such rare employees must be sourced from abroad and have to be well paid, earning above average wages compared to other professions.

>> Highest quality specialised professional equipment designed specifically for pet grooming industry. We are the only ones within our region using the most expensive ceramic blades, couriered in from USA every three months to avoid any possibility of razor burns to your pets! Our thinning shears and scissors are also very frequently replaced and are usually also sent in by courier from abroad. It is not by accident Pets Habitat maintains the highest safety and injury free grooming records in this industry in UAE. In fact to the point that we have been occasionally ridiculed by our competitors for high costs of running our grooming department!

>> Average time spent hair clipping and proper designing of the pet hair according to breed standard. Pets usually do not stay still, thus many breaks must be taken for the pet to calm down and allow the groomer to do his job without scaring, aggravating or traumatising your pet. No harsh struggle or restraining is encouraged or permitted since it may hurt or frighten the animal. Last but not least, blow drying the pet consumes minimum 30 minutes or longer. Usual time for full grooming procedure is 90 minutes (or longer with some animals, particularly cats). The average time spent on each pet would mean very few appointments in the 9 hour day of the groomer. Monthly overtime/commissions are essentially involved for each and every grooming staff member. In order for the salon to cover its rents, equipment and staff costs, we must take a minimum of 4-5 appointments a day. As example: average hairdresser for a female customer would spend 15-30 minutes for haircut/restyle and blow dry, chargeable minimum AED 200. Let’s just conclude that neither one of us, ladies, ever attempt to bite, scratch our hairdresser, run away or pee in the middle of the salon and all over the equipment, not to mention the number of appointments accommodated in a working day of an average hairdresser!

We believe our grooming rates are reasonable when all costs involved in running our operations are calculated in return of the quality of work and skill of our groomers.