Q10. “I live in an apartment. What breed of dog or perhaps any other pet would you suggest?”

Choice of a pet will depend on many factors, including size of apartment, your working hours, if you have a housemaid or other help in your absence, if you are single or have kids, other family members living with you, if you travel often or if you enjoy regular time out on weekends. In general, we do not encourage dogs for those expats who work long hours, for single expats living alone. We suggest a cat or two to keep each other company for most of you who live in apartments alone. Cats are independent, need less attention, training and care compared to dogs, and are relatively easier to manage than dogs. There is always a choice to adopt unwanted or rescued kitty or to buy if you insist on a particular breed. Small pets like a hamster or reptile are also suitable, but please invest into proper enclosure and setup in benefit of the animal you plan to accommodate there, do the research online on care specific to your pet before purchase. I also caution people against locking parrots in a cage 24/7, especially if left alone throughout the day, so please be considerate, humane and think longer term when it comes to pets.

Whether in apartment or villa, rule of thumb for a dog is not to be left completely alone at home for longer than 4-6 hours at a stretch. Frequently left unattended for lengthy hours, such dogs will most likely develop behavioral problems out of boredom and in order to gain your attention. Larger breeds locked by themselves in apartment may also disturb your neighbors with loud barking, howling and movement. So please choose carefully.

However, in case you are in an apartment living alone, yet confident you can manage consistently your lunch breaks at home, or you can arrange for someone to visit, feed, play with and clean after the puppy during your working hours, at least 1-2 hours during your absence, you may opt for a small, generally quiet breed of dogs. Please feel free to email us with questions if you have concerns or for suggested breeds for your lifestyle – we will be happy to help.