Q7. Can I order or reserve the puppy/kitten?

For some of our more serious and particular customers we frequently do search for a puppy or kitten of desired breed among Italian breeders on order basis and with down payment from the customer to then import to Dubai. Usually in such cases we can immediately state if the breed can be readily found or if this may take time, more effort to source from registered, ethical breeder in Italy or another part of EU. We can also estimate rough price range for a puppy with ENCI pedigree and with both parents genetically tested to rule out some of commonly occurring genetic ailments.

If the customer wishes to proceed and the breed is not rare or uncommon in Italy, we ask among the network of breeders who we already know, get accurate information and revert back to the customer with relevant details. At this point we require down payment from the customer to proceed to reserve that desired puppy/kitten. Genuine breeders do not hold their offspring without payments simply because the demand for ethically bred and raised puppy or kitten is very high in Europe and other parts of the world. Moreover, genuine breeders want to ensure that their puppies or kittens go to genuine people, preferably knowing all their buyers face to face. We fall short of that requirement, often not able to disclose to the breeder customer’s details until a later stage, not to mention unlikelihood of face to face meeting between the breeder and the customer, and so we are rarely prioritised by breeders to sell us their offspring despite our personal connections and overall good rapport with them.

As soon as we receive the down payment from the customer, we transfer it to the breeder to hold desired and selected puppy or kitten for us. We then proceed with all the steps mentioned in Importing & Selling page. Balance payment is settled at the time of receiving the puppy or kitten in Dubai.

Many of our customers also opt to reserve the puppy or kitten already expected to travel to Dubai but prior to pet’s arrival in UAE. You may ask: why to reserve if the pet is already arriving in any case in a few weeks or months? The answer is simple: this guarantees availability of selected pet, stabilises the price to avoid any fluctuations and furthermore reduces the price up to 10% in some cases with frequently offered by us “reservation discount”.

Availability and selection – if the customer chooses to reserve the puppy or kitten prior to pet’s arrival to Dubai, we often allow the customer to select his/her preferred one from the litter. If done early enough when the litter is still very young, we also permit the customer to name the puppy to officially enter that specific name on the pedigree. Without saying, reservation and down payment guarantees the puppy or kitten to be yours, and no one else can take that pet away from you.

Stability of the price – it is common to have the prices rise for any unreserved prior to arrival to Dubai pets, depending on breeder’s ultimate costs, final airline surcharges and last moment additional expenses.

Reservation discount – we offer it to ensure that puppies and kittens spend least amount of time with us in benefit of the time they would enjoy going to their family right away.

So if you wish to reserve your puppy or kitten prior to their arrival in Dubai, we will share all the relevant details and will answer your questions, possibly asking the breeder for clarifications or any additional info. To guarantee the pet to you upon arrival, we do require down payment of agreed discounted fixed price. Balance payment must be settled upon collection of the pet from our store.

Pet order or reservation will require signing an agreement in addition to down payment. We do not accept one step without the other.

You are welcome to have a quick chat with us on availability and possibilities of your preferred breed. We can discuss breed choices through our Whatsapp 050-4118085 or email info@petshabitat.com.