Q12. “What if I am relocating to UK, Europe, USA or any other country, can I take my pet with me? What is the process?”

Actually, most people think it is extremely difficult. In our opinion based on experience, it is not as hard as it may appear initially if you can plan the move at least 6-9 months in advance. We encourage all our customers to take their pets to their country of destination if planning to relocate.

Most countries allow pets to be imported, but there is certain medical documentation required for every country as per the regulations. Main prerequisite by most countries is the confirmation that your pet is virus free and immune to rabies. Thanks to the latest medical innovations there are specific blood tests that can reveal and confirm if your pet is immune to a certain virus such as rabies. With help of these blood test and conclusive report most countries now allow the pet in without or with minimal quarantine period. Best advice we can give is to contact pet relocation company at least 6 months prior to your expected date of departure to your destination country. We can also offer you some guidance on relocation possibilities for your pet, but we no longer actively provide pet relocation import or export services to our customers.