Q1. Why are puppies & kittens more expensive in Dubai when compared to Europe, USA or other parts of the world?

This question does not have a simple answer. Primarily, please note, there are very few ethical and knowledgeable breeders of quality dogs and cats within UAE, particularly fewer to none when it comes to pure breed dogs. There are no UAE registered animal clubs governing breed standards, breeding programs, ethics and showing of pet dogs and cats as it happens in other countries. This reflects on majority of population not being serious enough about breeding dogs or even cats in UAE. Or it could also be the other way around and lack of dedicated breeders indicates deficiency of canine / feline associations…

Weather conditions and lack of sufficient open pet friendly spaces are other reasons expats do not wish to get into any thoughtful animal breeding programs. When it comes to the local population, Islam does not promote dogs as companions, only as long as they serve a purpose such as security, police work, etc. Most UAE Nationals are also financially well-off, so money is not the motivation. Consequently, most companion pets are imported into UAE by either expats or licensed pet stores like ours.

If you have ever brought a pet into UAE from UK, Europe, Australia, USA or another country, you are probably not the one to ask this question in the first place. However, if you have never imported a pet and would like to get an idea of the process involved in selection, boarding, care, tests, documentation and shipping of our puppies and kittens, I would encourage you to read our Importing & Selling page to avoid the repetition. All of these essential factors are associated with ongoing expenses, mostly in Euros, and we are not willing to cut costs on the ethics, health, breed standard or comfort of our animals in order to bring you cheaper puppy or kitten!

We encourage our prospective customers to get a quotation from any source before choosing to buy a pet from us. If anyone feels they can pay less for a pet of our quality, matching our local Health Warranty and health reports, with additional luxury of choosing the pet after seeing, feeling and ensuring “the connection”, we recommend the customer imports/buys the pet directly without using our services. The price of our pets also includes cost of time, effort as well as consulting service we provide in ensuring you get a home-raised pet, suited for your lifestyle, with good health and social behaviour.

Needless to say, Dubai is an expensive place to operate a business in terms of retail rents, high trade license fees and even higher costs involved in hiring and accommodating foreign staff, not to mention all other, hidden from obvious view ongoing business expenses you may never know costs of. You can also think of it this way: a bottle of still mineral water is available at Carrefour for AED 2, but a restaurant within the same mall sells the same water bottle at AED 9-15 or even higher. You have a choice of going to the source to buy it from Carrefour or pay premium price at the restaurant. As you can see, the operating costs of a business have to be considered and tolerated if you are to use the service. Same applies to our business. We emphasise quality and ethics, and only encourage discerning pet enthusiasts to buy from us. We always patiently try to explain our view point and the nitty-gritty of our complicated trade to everyone, and we are proud of the fact that we end up convincing most of those willing to listen and understand.