Q3. Why do we import from Italy?

In short – simply because we can communicate with breeders directly in their native language. As many of you are aware, most people do not speak fluent English within most of EU outside major touristic city centers. This makes it hard for English speaker to communicate freely and easily with reputable REAL breeders based in smaller towns of Europe. In order to buy from breeders directly, and not from a puppy mill supplier who is fluent in English, one must be able to speak the native language of the country the puppy is imported from. In the past, I had to rely on a few good and trustworthy personal contacts to access the breeders network of EU, but this approach left a lot to misunderstanding, to chance and the possibility of error. Moreover, in a situation where I depend entirely on someone else to choose the puppies for me, I have no control over breeder’s reputation and background, breeding history, selection of the puppies, and have no direct access to the breeder if any additional information is required at any time or a question is raised by our customers.

A touch of personal history: when I remarried not long ago I never thought my husband would become involved into my business. Fast forward to today, we are able to speak directly to breeders of Italy through my husband’s native Italian roots. This allows us complete 100% direct access to the breeders network, their homes and environment puppies (and kittens) are being raised in, to view the parent animals, to select the litters and to hand pick the puppies one by one to then bring into UAE. All our puppies literally come straight from breeders’ homes in Italy to Dubai. There are no any other places they must stay or lodge, breeder is the last person who drops his/her puppies at one of major airports in Italy to be flown same day to Dubai with direct Emirates airline flight.

Italy is also one of the closest points of EU to UAE with only roughly 5+ hour direct Emirates airline flight time away. With exception of brachycephalic breeds that are no longer accepted on Emirates flights, we choose to fly our animals with Emirates for the airline’s reliability and one of the highest standards of animal ethics onboard, strictly adhering to IATA rules and regulation no matter what. This makes Emirates one of the most expensive airlines to fly pets with, but we prefer not to compromise physical and emotional wellbeing of our animals. We also prefer Emirates for their direct flights between Italy and UAE to avoid any unnecessary transit points of other airlines, therefore to eliminate any additional stress to our animals and to reduce the risk of possibility of contracting any minor health concerns while being exposed to other pets during transit time of other stop-over flights.

Any information you may want to know about the breeder is available, all our puppies and kittens are fully traceable, all come from registered parents whose details are available, including photos and breeding background. Any additional questions you may want to ask or any additional information to know is only WhatsApp message away 050-4118085 if my in-store team is unable to answer or clear your doubts.

Recently, we have also started to reach out to Italian breeders outside Italy within EU for those breeds that are not easily available within Italian borders. So don’t be surprised if you occasionally come across a puppy at our store from another part of EU. We aim to offer your preferred breeds even when impossible to find in Italy without compromising our ethics.