Written by our guest blogger Tina OReilly

Many pet owners reject the idea of having their dogs (& cats) professionally groomed due to expense. Some mistakenly feel they can do just as good a job at home as a professional. Dog owners think that grooming is simply a chance for your dog to feel a bit spoiled for a few hours.

Proper grooming should involve far more than a trim of the toenails and a quick shampoo. Grooming done by professionals provides a chance to have your dog checked for any underlying health issues that would otherwise go completely unnoticed. A professional clip will enhance your dog’s coat and the tools and equipment used in a salon are far better and higher tech.

Qualified groomers offer better results. A professional has access to the best hand scissors; they know how to hand strip and use professional tactics to keep your dog looking beautiful and well groomed. They also use the best products on the market for your dog. You might not know which shampoos are best for your dog’s coat. Using the wrong product can damage your dog’s coat. Groomers use safe products to ensure your dog looks and feels great, without harm to his health.

You should start grooming when your dog is a pup. He’ll get used to the procedure and it won’t be a stressful time for him as adult. Depending on your dog’s coat, long-haired or short-haired will determine how often you should have your dog groomed. Long-haired dogs need to be groomed more frequently than your short-haired.

There are many benefits to visiting a good groomer. Skin issues and lumps are two of the most common problems that tend to go unnoticed until detected during a thorough grooming session. Long-haired breeds could suffer these issues for months, even years before they become apparent if not professionally groomed on regular basis.

Additional benefits of grooming your dog are it ensures healthy growth and brushing promotes good blood circulation. Your dog’s coat can get an increase of grease, which blocks their pores and causes sebaceous cysts. Regular grooming cuts down on the grease levels.

Dogs with longer coat (and cats!) tend to suffer from matted hair if not brushed regularly. The heavy wads weigh down the skin, causing soreness. The groomer would also check for balls of matted fur between your dog’s paw pads and possible skin lesions hidden underneath the mats.

Another benefit is with a properly done professional grooming session, the groomer, using the proper tools, will remove much of loose hair and cleanse the skin. In return it will save your furniture & your clothes from your pet’s hair and dander.

You’ll protect your family too. Groomers can identify infestations of ticks, mites and signs of ringworm in cats and dogs that can potentially transmit to your other pets, you or your family.

No one, not even your veterinarian, gets down to the skin of a dog as often as a groomer does and the skin is the largest organ of the body, so a conscientious well-educated groomer can spot a problem early on! Professional groomers to do a head-to-tail check of dogs feeling for anything not quite right.

Groomers check ears for debris and infection, trim nails, and find lumps and wounds that owners may have overlooked. Having a good working relationship with a groomer you trust will ensure your pet maintains a healthy coat and skin, decreasing risks of infections. For pets that have chronic skin problems, a groomer can be instrumental in keeping the skin as healthy as possible.

Next time you’re considering whether or not it’s worth it to pay more for a professional, remember it’s well worth it. It guarantees you peace of mind. You’ll know your dog is in good hands and will come home free of any health risks.

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