Q8. Why Pets Habitat puppies do not have docked tails like in other pet stores?

Simply put, we do not believe in docking or cropping for any reason aside of medical necessity and are against any senseless pain inflicted on our animals. We strictly follow “no crop, no dock” policy practiced throughout most of EU, including Italy where we import nearly all of our puppies from at the moment. Nearly all European and many other countries throughout the world currently ban ear cropping and tail docking. In Italy the only rare exception to this ban permitting occasional tail docking performed by a qualified vet is applicable only to actively hunting breeds used during hunting season and only with mandatory hunting license. Personally, I do not support hunting regardless of seasons or licenses, thus will make a point to avoid any docked puppy litters is we ever may come across them.

Aside of needless pain imposed on the puppy, we now know that tail is essential tool of canine communication, and docking it deprives the dog of its elementary initial communication ability to express signals of intimidation, hostility, playfulness, alertness to other canines and other animals, including humans. It has been studied and may be perceived that docked puppy is slightly more likely to grow into more aggressive dog compared to undocked puppy of same breed due to the cautious way other canines approach docked puppy, caution used due to tail handicap and disability of clear “tail communication”. I firmly believe that we now live in age and time where any form of animal mutilations is no longer required for any reasons and are completely absurd, hence should not be practiced and should never be supported. And so, all Pets Habitat puppies will remain cruelty free with their full natural tails and beautiful ears.