Q6. Why we do not have Bulldogs and Pugs available during summer months?

We are commonly requested brachycephalic breeds during UAE hotter months, often in late spring, summer or early autumn. Brachycephalic breeds are those snub-nosed breeds like Bulldog, Pug, Shih Tzu, Boston Terrier, Pekingese, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and many others (you can obtain complete list with quick google search).

What many of you may not know is that following IATA section governing international live animal air transport safety regulations (LAR), most international airlines will not accept any brachycephalic breeds onboard during hotter months, subject to departure, destination or transit airports declared air ground temperatures. Each airline usually has its own further variations to these rules, but most will only accept to carry snub-nosed breeds like Bulldogs and Pugs during mid autumn – winter months.

IATA, abbreviation for The International Air Transport Association, is the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing some 280 airlines, primarily major carriers, or 83% of total air traffic. All international airlines strictly abide and follow IATA guidelines and code of ethics. While we ship most of our animals with Emirates, IATA member airline, we respect and appreciate the motives behind IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR). Most brachycephalic breeds do not fare well during hot and humid temperatures, especially onboard an aircraft where air supply is additionally controlled and regulated, such breeds may develop troubles breathing and respiratory discomfort leading to fatality in extreme cases.

In the past years worldwide many snub-nosed breeds died during flights of various international airlines and at the airports holding facilities due to respiratory distress, often aggravated by hotter or humid temperatures and restrained conditions. The IATA rules and regulations have been implemented to prevent the needless loss of pet animal lives. Among the long list of numerous guidelines specifying all possible aspects of animal air travel, including travel box requirements and parameters for all shapes and sizes of animals being transported, the travel box requirement for brachycephalic breed must be at least one size larger compared to same size non-brachycephalic breed. IATA and the airlines prioritise safety and wellbeing for all its passengers, humans or animals, and will avoid any chance of hazard or risk associated with welfare of all its passengers onboard. Therefore, for the security and comfort of our animals, while obeying IATA and airlines policies, we do not import any brachycephalic breeds during the peak heat months.

Additionally, Emirates airline no longer accepts any brachycephalic breeds onboard its aircrafts throughout the year as a further precaution to avoid any chance of respiratory distress in flight or prior take-off / post landing. Thus, when it comes to brachycephalic breeds, we must seek alternative EU based airline that will accept to fly our snub-nosed puppies during UAE cooler months.

To answer the immediately raised question as to why we bring brachycephalic breeds into UAE in the first place:

1) we have just a few brachycephalic breeds yearly and only based on your demand;

2) UAE lifestyle typically revolves around indoor living in airconditioned environments, so we only import smaller breeds that fare well indoors and do not require much of outdoor exercise.

So if you are in love with one of those snub-nosed breeds, please calculate in additional expenses of larger travel box and airline restrictions. We again encourage all our customers to stay better informed about your chosen breed, real life costs and welfare of all animals.

Please note, that at Pets Habitat we never use budget or charter flights to risk our animals lives and sacrifice their wellbeing to save on our expenses. Our animals welfare is NEVER jeopardised, so all our puppies and kittens fly premium international airlines, with preference of direct Emirates airline flights whenever possible despite the costs and inconveniences!