puppies for sale installment plan
puppies for sale in dubai
puppies for sale installment plan
puppies for sale in dubai
  • Name SAILOR – in need of home
  • Age DOB: 4 March 2018
  • Pricedonation
  • Breed Arabian Mau
  • Breed info link Click Here
  • Origin UAE
  • Availability Homed
  • Owner suitability Apartment, Villa,
  • Breed compatibility check Click Here
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UPDATE:  Do you remember Sailor, rescued kitten who we offered to a good home a few months ago? He is back with us now. His luck hasn’t been good: first days of summer a lady with young daughter adopted him only to return him back to us now as grown up kitten because Sailor is “out of control”. For anyone acquainted with rescue & homing process, the evolution of this story is all too familiar: someone takes a young kitten or puppy for kids to play with while animals are young & cute, a few short months later the grown up pet is being returned under range of excuses. This is the best case scenario. In other cases adopted & no longer wanted pets “run away” or being left somewhere “safe”. This is one of the biggest fears for any pet rescue worker & is difficult situation to predict & prevent. This is why none of Pets Habitat animals are free to a good home. We absorb most of vet bills & other high costs associated with rescued animals. The main reason we ask for donation for our pets for adoption is to try to differentiate between customers, who just want a free pet to play with temporarily, & customers, who are genuinely interested to help less fortunate animal, who are prepared to spend for his/her future care for a lifetime. No pet should be given for free, they are not gifts, not toys. All animals are responsibility & commitment, & sadly some people only remember this when they must reach out to their wallets... If anyone has the heart to take now more grown & quite ordinary looking Sailor home permanently, please do visit Pets Habitat to meet him in person. He & many other pets are waiting to go home at Pets Habitat. Visit us to meet our animals, or call 04-3418085, email info@petshabitat.com

Sailor has been found in an abandoned locked-up villa "to let". He was alone, crying desperately inside dried up garden, extremely skinny & severely dehydrated. After a few moments of deliberation on how such a tiny kitten had happened to get over high boundary walls of deserted property, decision was made to collect him (to the surprise & amazement of real estate agent & neighours). Since Sailor turned out to be a real foodie, he has recovered splendidly in no time to be now available at our store for adoption. He has been microchipped, vaccinated & now even has his own passport. Please speak to our store manager Stan on 04-3418085 if you are interested in offering our little Sailor part of your heart & forever home...