Pets Habitat remains concerned about stray cats on UAE streets. Our first emphasis is to encourage everyone to adopt/rescue a cat or kitten if possible. Sadly, we often have cats and kittens available for adoption, abandoned by their owners (never our customers!) or those born on the streets, some have been injured and “fixed” by our vet, others were ill and treated by us… When we first opened our doors in 2007, the idea was to never sell any kittens at all. However, through the past years, we’ve also understood that pedigree cats have their own characteristics sought by many cat lovers and pet enthusiasts, and everyone has the right of choice of their pet for their own reasons. Therefore, we now do have pedigree kittens available for sale from time to time, most often from breeders in Italy… We used to purchase kittens from UAE based breeders instead of importing, but unfortunately, after several bad experiences of kittens sold to us younger, with FIP and FIV (very common among UAE feline population), we decided to only import our kittens from registered  breeders of Italy. Locally UAE bred kitten may be cheap, look adorable, be young and appear healthy, but a few months later you will realise the whole range of health issues that poor kitty has due to inbreeding, unvaccinated parents and unregulated/illegal breeding practices. Moreover, some cat breeds are just not available locally in UAE among these “breeders”… We strictly observe the same ethics in importing our kittens as we do with puppies (please read our Importing & Selling page). We want to ensure that our pure breed kitten will be a pleasant addition to your family, and not just a liability coupled with frequent veterinary visits.

All our kittens for sale prices are inclusive of VAT.  Installment payment plan is available. Please note, we reserve the right to refuse a sale to any customer who we feel may be unfit to own a pet.