puppies for sale in uae
puppies for sale in uae
puppies for sale in uae
puppies for sale in uae
Pets for sale > Puppies > AVRIL – Jack Russell girl
  • Name AVRIL – Jack Russell girl
  • Age DOB: 18 October 2020
  • PriceONE TIME PRICE OFFER AED 7,900 incl. VAT (was AED 19,900)
  • Breed Jack Russell Terrier
  • Breed info link Click Here
  • Origin Italy
  • Availability Available
  • Owner suitability apartment / villa
  • Breed compatibility check Click Here
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Avril has been hand picked directly from the breeder in Monza, north of Italy. She has original ENCI pedigree, fully traceable online ENCI.it and both parents genetically tested as per the rules of ENCI. We know the breeder as one of the top breeders in Italy, who pays meticulous care and attention towards his dogs! Both parents photos are available, any specific question about puppy's or breeder's background will be answered. Please read how we do it.

Avril has been thoroughly examined and confirmed healthy by Dr Jim Bolssens of Europets Clinic. As many are aware, at Pets Habitat we strictly follow “no crop, no dock” principles as per humane EU regulations and our strong personal beliefs, so all our animals come with their beautiful natural ears & full wagging tails. Please read FAQ to understand our ethics and prices.

Avril is at our store, waiting to meet you. She has been with us for a few months now only because no one has yet discovered her charming personality and peculiar character. We are offering price reduction to help this girl finally go home. Contact us for more info or view our location.

Highly intelligent, even sly on occasion, Jack Russell Terrier is known to be fearless, agile & determined. Loyal & responsive, JRT make excellent pet for active families or individuals. True to their terrier nature, Jack Russells are high energy breed, requiring daily walks/jogs & other forms of exercise, preferably outdoors (when UAE weather permits). We do not recommend JRT for very young children or individuals living alone with busy working schedule, as this breed requires ongoing attention & dedicated training from earlier age. They make most rewarding companions for the right owners.

Please read “Breed Information Link” above for more info about our Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale…