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  • Name BORBON – Boston Terrier boy
  • Age DOB: 29.09.2022
  • PriceAED 12,640 with VAT after 20% off (original price AED 15,800)
  • Breed Boston Terrier
  • Breed info link Click Here
  • Origin EU
  • Availability Available
  • Owner suitability villa / apartment
  • Breed compatibility check Click Here
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AED 12,640 after 20% off

This is our second time to have Boston Terrier puppies from a breeder in Europe. Purebred Boston Terrier litters from registered, ethical breeders are not easy to find in EU. Borbon has been searched for and carefully hand picked from a known breeder in Czech Republic. Borbon's father holds champion FCI pedigree (copy is available). We have done our research on the breeder, seen both parents, know breeder's background and environment our Boston Terrier puppies have been raised in. Please read how we do it.

Upon arrival to Dubai, Borbon was thoroughly examined by a veterinary doctor  at his clinic and reconfirmed 100% healthy (certificate is available). Our puppies are bred and born with ethics, love and care within families, they are well socialised and are used to people, children and pets. Please read FAQ to understand our ethics and prices.

Borbon is at our store in Business Bay (our location, we have free reserved parking available for our customers). We are open daily from 10am until 9pm through holidays and weekends to care for our animals. Call us on 04-3418085 for general inquiries, WhatsApp 050-4118085 for any question related to puppy’s background.

A bit of general intro on our Boston Terrier puppy for sale:

Boston Terrier is a bundle of silly entertainment and serious intelligence, their energetic and sweet nature wins human hearts over and over worldwide. Boston's enthusiasm for playful activities combined with clingy nature and love for cuddles makes this breed superb companions for kids of all ages. They get along with humans of all generations and with non-human family members equally. Boston Terriers are known for peculiar tendency to become rather sensitive and even emotional if your tone of voice is harsh or irritated towards them. They live to please their human, and this makes them easy to train.

Please read "Breed Information Link" above for more info about our Boston Terrier puppies available for sale in Dubai...