puppies for sale in uae
puppies for sale in uae
puppies for sale in uae
puppies for sale in uae
Pets for sale > Kittens > CASSANDRA – Ragdoll girl
  • Name CASSANDRA – Ragdoll girl
  • Age DOB: 1 July 2021
  • PriceONE TIME PRICE OFFER AED 12,900 incl. VAT (was AED 17,900)
  • Breed Ragdoll
  • Breed info link Click Here
  • Origin ITALY
  • Availability Available
  • Owner suitability apartment / villa (outside only under supervision)
  • Breed compatibility check Click Here
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This is the only Ragdoll breeder we know in Italy, who breeds every few years, concentrating on ethical breeding and health of the kittens and parents cats. Background info, parents photos and other details are available. Read how we do it.

Cassandra is our much anticipated Ragdoll from Italy! We have not had Ragdoll kittens since more than two years, and finally, here they come from Bologna again and with Emirates airline, as always!

The breeder and his wife live between Bologna and Venice, but the kittens cannot appreciate the beautiful views of glamorous Italy, as Ragdolls are kept indoors for the most time. In fact, you should know, that Ragdolls can never be left outdoors (or on balconies!) unsupervised, as these cats are too relaxed and unaware of their own safety risks!!

Cassandra has been examined by Dr Jim Bolssens of Europets Clinic to reconfirm 100% healthy! Vet report is available. Read our FAQ to understand our ethics and price structure.

Visit our store to meet Cassandra, or contact us for any questions...

Ragdoll is a relatively new cat breed with mysterious history beginning from a female cat named Josephine, original mother of all Ragdolls. Known for its placid nature & cuddly personality, Ragdoll is strictly indoor breed & should NEVER be allowed outside without constant supervision. They are large built, slow maturing cats, requiring several years to reach full color coat & size potential...

Please read “Breed Information Link” above for more info about our Ragdoll kittens for sale…