Valentine offer on our puppies for sale
Valentine offer on our puppies for sale
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  • Name LYNX – Maine Coon girl
  • Age
  • PriceAED 19,600
  • Breed Maine Coon
  • Breed info link Click Here
  • Origin
  • Availability Sold
  • Owner suitability Apartment, Villa,
  • Breed compatibility check Click Here
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The origin of Maine Coon, the “gentle giant” of feline world, is shrouded in mystery to this day. Some believe they are the ancestors of Marie Antoinette most loved & prized cats, smuggled out of France to America upon her untimely death, some follow the legend of Vikings transporting these beautiful creatures on their ships across the ocean, or most recent theory of Captain Coon’s quest for the ultimate seafarer cats. All we know today is that Maine Coons are above average intelligent, loyal yet independent & strong. They are considered American breed &, unlike most cats, they are fascinated with water… So could the folk tales be true?

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Maine Coon kittens for sale in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE