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  • Name OLIVER – Pomeranian boy
  • Age DOB: 26 November 2020
  • PriceAED 25,500
  • Breed Pomeranian
  • Breed info link Click Here
  • Origin EU
  • Availability Sold
  • Owner suitability apartment / villa
  • Breed compatibility check Click Here
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Oliver is our last Pom boy available. It is unlikely we will have other Pomeranian puppies in the near future simply because it is difficult to find true, authentic Pomeranian in EU from ethical breeder who is willing to export (I cannot stress this point enough relevant to all breeds of puppies, but it is especially true with small lap dog breeds like Poms and Poodles). We rarely have Pomeranians for sale (every few years or so).  Oliver is true and authentic Pom boy as you can see from his photos. Just prior to his arrival to Dubai Oliver's beautiful coat had been trimmed too short (because the breeder believed the weather in UAE would be too hot for his puppy with full coat), and so we decided to keep Oliver home with us a bit longer to allow for his coat to re-grow again.

As always, we have done our research on the breeder, seen Oliver's both parents and know the breeder and the environment our puppies have been raised in. Please read how we do it

Oliver was checked by Dr Jim Bolssens of Europets Vet Clinic and reconfirmed healthy. All our puppies go for mandatory point-by-point vet exams at least once upon arrival in UAE, or twice, depending on the time the pets spend with us and advices of the vet. Please read FAQ to understand our ethics and prices.

Oliver is now at our store (our location), waiting to meet you. You are also welcome to contact us for any further info. 

To know more about Pomeranian breed and our Pomeranian puppies for sale, we have included “Breed Information Link” above ...