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puppies for sale installment plan
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Pets for sale > Puppies > OMBRA – Chihuahua girl
  • Name OMBRA – Chihuahua girl
  • Age DOB: 19 May 2020
  • PriceAED 19,000
  • Breed Chihuahua (shorthair)
  • Breed info link Click Here
  • Origin Italy
  • Availability Sold
  • Owner suitability apartment / villa
  • Breed compatibility check Click Here
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Chihuahua, the “baby” of canine world, is a quick witted, intelligent, playful, daring & dignified little pooch. This breed is deeply devoted to their owner. They are excellent choice of breed for apartment or a villa in our hotter region: Chihuahua simply manage better in warmer climates (but NOT outdoors entirely! & also please be considerate when setting a/c on too low!). We, at Pets Habitat, generally do not recommend this breed for families with very small children, as Chihuahuas are delicate little creatures & may not respond well to rough handling of a toddler or older boisterous kids. The curious observation with this breed is that Chihuahua tends to copy owner’s temperament more than other breeds do.

Ombra, our tiny Chihuahua girl, has arrived with Emirates airline from Fiumicino (Rome), Italy. Ombra holds her own ENCI pedigree, and comes from Italian breeder specialising in ethically bred teacup size dogs. Parents photos are available, please ask to see them. Breeder lives in Rome. As always, we have seen both parents, know breeder's background and environment puppies have been raised in. Please read how we do it

Ombra has had her point-by-point vet exam upon landing in Dubai, and has been re-confirmed healthy by independently practising in UAE vet (report is available). Please read FAQ to understand our ethics and prices. 

Ombra is waiting to meet you at our store (new location), you are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

Please also read “Breed Information Link” for more info about our Chihuahua puppy for sale...