Healthy & Ethically Raised Puppies for Sale in Dubai, UAE

You can view all our now available puppies with details & prices below, but PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! 

Sadly, we have seen the puppy mills. They exist everywhere in the world. THE PUPPY MILL CONCEPT IS STRICTLY CONDEMNED IN PETS HABITAT BUSINESS MODULE, and we ensure this through our strict protocols and personal involvement into every step of puppy selection. We speak fluent languages of the countries we import from in order to communicate with breeders directly, simply because most of breeders within EU do not speak English. All our puppies come directly from breeders’ homes, all are fully traceable to the correct breeders’ details, all are home bred and raised within family environment (not in cages and not forgotten in the backyard). All our puppies are taken by the breeders themselves directly to the major airports to be flown by Emirates airline to Dubai on the day of the booked flight. We have successfully eliminated any middle man in between, and thus any element of uncertainty how our animals are sourced, raised, kept, treated and cared for, while most other pet stores still depend and rely on that illusive “supplier”. Read more in our Importing & Selling page and FAQAny relevant information about the litter or breeder is available, and we can ask the breeder directly any questions you may have, email if you still have doubts after meeting our puppies and speaking to our store team.

Think about it: in order to sell anything cheap one must have own manufacturing facility. Some UAE importers and pet stores import up to 30-50 puppies at a time from puppy farms in Eastern Europe and bring them to Dubai, UAE on regular basis.  Some breed locally within UAE, creating locally based puppy mills. We continue to prioritise ethics and concentrate on quality, despite the competition to our prices, while ensuring good health and genetic integrity of your puppy. One short interaction with Pets Habitat puppies will demonstrate how exceptionally social and happy they are with humans! The same is not always being true with puppies coming from commercial farm settings, such puppies are generally more reserved, shy, disoriented and may even exhibit signs of aggression towards humans or other animals. Please come to see our pet store, meet our animals, speak to our staff and then compare us with others. You will understand the difference. You can choose from a large range of popular breeds of puppies that are available for sale at Pets Habitat, including Shih Tzu, Yorkie, Pomeranian, Poodle, and other breeds of puppies.

All our puppies for sale prices are inclusive of VAT. Installment payment plan is available. Please note, we reserve the right to refuse a sale to any customer who we feel may be unfit to own a pet.

maltese puppy for sale in dubai

ZELDA – Maltese girl

Our Maltese Zelda comes from the land of Mount Vesuvius, from the enchanting Amalfi coast. Arrived with Emirates airline from Fiumicino airport (near Rome in Italy), Zelda has Italian passport (completed vaccinations), vet report and Italian pedigree. Breeder details, parents photos and background info is available. Please read how we do it

Zelda has had her point-by-point vet exam upon landing in Dubai, and has been re-confirmed healthy by Dr Jim Bolssens of Europets Clinic (report is available). Please read FAQ to understand our ethics, practices and prices. 

Zelda is waiting to meet you at our store (new location), you are welcome to contact us if you have any specific question.

Full of life Maltese is known as active and responsive little dog, who is not also fearless despite its small size, but at the same time charming, intelligent, loving, gentle and social with children, adults and other pets. These cuddly snow-white creatures are surprisingly low maintenance (aside from daily brushing & bi-monthly salon grooming) and fit perfectly well in an apartment or in a villa. Maltese have minimal to no shedding at all and are on top of the list of breeds suitable for allergy concerns.

Please read “Breed Information Link” above for more info about our Maltese puppies for sale…

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teacup chihuahua for sale in dubai

OTELLO – tcup Chihuahua boy (longhair)

Otello, our teacup Chihuahua boy, has arrived with Emirates airline from Fiumicino (Rome), Italy. Teacup size Otello holds his own ENCI pedigree, and comes from Italian breeder specialising in ethical breeding of teacup size dogs. Parents photos are available, please ask to see them. Breeder lives in Rome. As always, we have seen both parents, know breeder’s background and environment puppies have been raised in. Please read how we do it

Otello has had his point-by-point vet exam upon landing in Dubai, and has been re-confirmed 100% healthy by independently practising in UAE vet (report is available). Please read FAQ to understand our ethics and prices. 

Otello is waiting to meet you at our store (new location), you are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

Chihuahua, the “baby” of canine world, is a quick witted, intelligent, playful, daring & dignified little pooch. This breed is deeply devoted to their owner. They are excellent choice of breed for apartment or a villa in our hotter region: Chihuahua simply manage better in warmer climates (but NOT outdoors entirely! & also please be considerate when setting a/c on too low!). We, at Pets Habitat, generally do not recommend this breed for families with very small children, as Chihuahuas are delicate little creatures & may not respond well to rough handling of a toddler or older boisterous kids. The curious observation with this breed is that Chihuahua tends to copy owner’s temperament more than other breeds do.

Please read “Breed Information Link” for more info about our Chihuahua puppy for sale…

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