puppies for sale in UAE from Italy
discount puppies for sale in dubai
puppies for sale in UAE from Italy
discount puppies for sale in dubai
Pets for sale > Puppies > SHILLING – Yorkie boy
  • Name SHILLING – Yorkie boy
  • Age DOB: 1 October 2021
  • PriceFINAL OFFER: AED 8,900 incl. VAT (was AED 24,900) to help the puppy find home sooner and enjoy the new family
  • Breed Yorkshire Terrier
  • Breed info link Click Here
  • Origin EU
  • Availability Available
  • Owner suitability apartment / villa
  • Breed compatibility check Click Here
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Upon arrival to Dubai, Shilling has been thoroughly screened by Dr Jim Bolssens of Europets Clinic and reconfirmed 100% healthy (complete step-by-step health report is available). Shilling has his own passport, microchip, vaccinations and anti-parasite treatments. Please read how we do it.

Parents of Shilling are very small, mom is just 2kg, dad is even less than 2kg! So we expect Shilling to stay small and to grow into unofficial “mini” size Yorkie. Parents photos are available!

As many already know, Pets Habitat is against any cruelty inflicted on animals, and thus all the breeds that in some countries are still subjected to traditional practice of tail docking always have full, untouched, unaltered tails at Pets Habitat. We do not tolerate any ignorant inhumanity towards animals, and thus none of our animals have been subjected to any such acts! Please read FAQ to understand our ethics and prices. 

You are welcome to visit us to meet Shilling at our store (our location), we are open daily from 10am until 9pm. WhatsApp 050-4118085 or call 04-3418085 for any additional questions you may have. 

Yorkshire Terrier is considered hypoallergenic, almost non-shedding and known to cause no allergies. In fact, Yorkie’s silky coat has the closest chemical structure of human hair, unlike all other dog breeds, contributing to their “human hair” look combined with distinct personality! Confident, courageous, bold, independent and intelligent, these qualities stand very true for any Yorkie! Yorkshire Terriers seem oblivious of their small size, they are always eager for adventure with their energetic temper and great zest for life.

To know more about Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkie puppies for sale, we have included “Breed Information Link” above ...