Relocate your pet

    1 Date of Pet's Travel Requested
    2 Destination City & Country
    3 Dog or Cat’s breed
    4 AGE / Date of Birth of animal
    5 DATE OF LAST RABIES VACCINE . If possible,
    please scan and attach pet vaccine booklet/pet passport. All pages that have
    animal details and all pages with vaccine stickers and vet stamp
    6 Animal is Micro-chipped ? YesNo
    7 Do you have an IATA approved travel box ?
    We stock most sizes of the boxes and if you do not have a suitable box,
    we will include the price of one in our quote.
    I Have a BoxNo, PLS. Include a Quote For One
    8 A Height of animal from floor till ear tips.

    8 B Height of animal while sitting

    8 C Height of front legs

    8 D Length of animal from nose till base of tail

    8 E
    Width of animal as shown

    9 Date of Rabies Blood Titer test report available ? If yes, date of report.
    Please scan and attach if available.
    10 Do you plan to ship the animal Unaccompanied’ as CARGO or ‘accompanied’
    by you in the same flight you are travelling ? Note : All incoming
    pets into UAE come as cargo ( not as excess baggage )
    I prefer accompanied as excess baggage (if allowed )Unaccompanied as cargo
    11 Can you handle all the clearance requirements at destination by yourself/relative
    or do you require our agent to clear the shipment ?
    I can handle destination requirementsI require an agent(at extra cost)
    12 Your Name
    13 Pet's Name
    14 Your email I'd
    15 Confirm email id
    16 Phone contact
    17 Best time to call
    18 Pet pick up address location.
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