To all our customers, who want our ethically bred and raised pets, but can no longer afford them – we have heard you! It has indeed become incredibly challenging not only to find ethical breeders, but also increasingly expensive to buy puppies from such genuine breeders in Europe, and now it is also extremely costly to fly our pets with just a couple of still available airlines that agree to carry animals!

So, despite our raised costs and high expenses, we have decided to try to meet your needs, wants and expectations by offering not only price reductions on some of our currently available puppies and kittens, but we also offer AED 500 worth of free products vouchers to help with required pet items, free boarding of up to 20 days if you plan to travel now or during summer, and free grooming that you can use in the following weeks – all these to help you choose our ethically raised puppy or kitten!

Even if you are not travelling, you can still take advantage of free boarding to split the payment 50% now and 50% any time within the following 20 days upon collection of the puppy*.

To summarise, we are offering:

Up to 30% OFF on our puppies & kittens
+ FREE pet products
+ FREE boarding
+ FREE grooming

 then let’s discuss the best price package 
 we can offer you on pet of your choice 

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Call 04-3418085
email info@petshabitat.com

All our prices are inclusive of VAT

so take advantage of your Emirates NBD or Emirates Islamic credit cards.



* This limited time offer is valid only on some of our currently available puppies and kittens (not newly arriving animals!). Special low prices will no longer be applicable after these puppies and kittens are sold.

* AED 500 worth of free products voucher is valid for non-food pet items only at the time of purchase of puppy or kitten, and cannot be applied towards price reduction of live animal, exchanged for cash or reserved for later use. 

* Free full grooming session is for the purchased pet only and is valid until 31st May 2021.

* Free boarding of up to 20 days is for the purchased pet only and is valid until 31st August 2021.

* Puppy or kitten can be collected from our store only after the full payment has been settled.