Pets Habitat Health Warranty

  • Your puppy or kitten has been carefully selected (please read Importing & Selling), well observed prior to export and upon import, vet checked at country of origin and, where possible, your pet’s parents have been scrutinised against genetic health disorders relevant to the breed with official documentation provided, where available.
  • Once in UAE, your puppy or kitten has gone for a detailed veterinary check-up at independently practicing vet clinic of our choice. A detailed health check is conducted on each and every one of our pets prior to homing (sale).
  • Upon purchase you are provided with the most recent health report issued by independently practicing UAE vet, listing all the health issues checked, including eyes, ears, skin, joints, heart, lungs, viruses, neurological disorders and reproductive health.
  • In addition to our vet report and observation period, you are offered TWO working days from date of purchase to further get the pet checked at a vet clinic of your choice and you may ask your vet to challenge our vet’s report. In case your vet’s opinion and the following report suggests serious health concerns that may have been overlooked by our vet and wherein you are prompted to return the pet to us, we will accept the pet back and issue a full refund.
  • Furthermore, we provide 30 days “MONEY BACK” WARRANTY AGAINST LETHAL VIRUSES in highly unlikely case of death of our animal. Certain canine and feline viruses are often lethal if the animal is not protected by timely vaccines against these viruses. We take meticulous care of all vaccination records in order to uphold our warranty against any of these deadly diseases.

We do all in our power to ensure you have a healthy and happy pet from Pets Habitat !