Buying a Puppy or Kitten in Dubai, UAE?

As obsessive pet owners, we offer our experience of more than 20 years to bring you guaranteed healthy and ethically raised pets. Every puppy and kitten at Pets Habitat has been diligently screened and hand-picked for optimal health and humane practices. Wellbeing and ethical breeding is assured by selecting strictly home bred pets from registered breeders rather than from commercial breeding facilities (aka “puppy mills” that are significantly cheaper!). We select our puppies and most kittens from a network of Italian breeders to bring to Dubai with direct Emirates airline flights. Every Pets Habitat animal goes through detailed vet check and home observation regime, pre and post import to UAE. We offer health warranties enforceable within UAE. No minor issue is ignored, no small niggle is hidden. UAE based vet report is available for each and every puppy or kitten offered for sale at Pets Habitat. We encourage you to pass by our store before and after you have seen all other pet shops in UAE, so you can compare. In the end the choice is yours: to buy cheaper pet from other pet importers while closing your eyes on ethics, or to take home ethically raised new family member you will be proud to introduce as “my pet from Pets Habitat”.