Meet Our Vet

We use several veterinary clinics and trusted veterinary doctors of our choice to check all our animals for sale prior to bringing them to our store and to treat, if needed at all, all our animals, for sale, for adoption.

Europets is the best veterinary hospital in Sharjah, matching international standards of a veterinary facility. It is also highly competitive to many vet clinics in Dubai, and it is very popular among pet owners of Sharjah, Dubai and other Emirates. Dr Jim Bolssens has been our trusted vet for over a decade, since those early days of having my own exotic pets and rescued animals brought to him in all the odd hours, seeking urgent medical help or routine vaccination, sterilisation and many other treatments. We use Europets routinely for most of our animals till date.

We also frequently opt for Pet Connection services and charismatic Dr Walter Tarello to treat our pets in Dubai, especially for emergencies. Located in Barsha, Dubai, Pet Connection has always been able to accommodate all our last minute appointments, and Dr Walter has been our trusted veterinary doctor of choice to diagnose or just to check some of our animals.